You will create real money using your own inner magic.


Your mind is a powerful tool for creating abundance in your life. If you can think it, you can do it. But you may need a little help using the mind-changing power of hypnosis.

This is much more than an audio. This is a full program that includes a hypnosis audio and a written guide with real actions you can take to create your magic money.

There are also sections written by a very successful multi-millionaire, with explanations of how they became a millionaire using these exact methods.

Guide includes:

Why most money hypnosis files DO NOT work (the weak techniques you need to avoid).

The ULTIMATE money-creation techniques you need to use.

How to blend the spiritual and physical to create money.

The possibilities and limits of magic money.

Which affirmations work, and which do not.

How to position your body to manifest money.

Tips from the multi-millionaire co-author of this guide.


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